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MauiGrown Coffee receives Starbucks' Coffee C.A.F.E. certification

The McCarney family at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms.

Coming home to Ka`anapali Coffee Farms
Lahaina News
March 12, 2015

It was always Mac and Alex McCarney’s dream to live in a place that had beautiful weather, kind people and lots of outdoors. When they discovered the Ka`anapali Coffee Farms community in West Maui, they found everything they were looking for … and a lot more.

In 2013, motivated to escape the busy city life of Richmond, Virginia, the McCarneys decided to plant new roots on sunny Maui.

“When we first saw Ka`anapali Coffee Farms, the birds were chirping, the breeze was whispering through the coffee fields, and we were absolutely in awe of the peace and tranquility we felt here,” said Alex. “We were drawn to the expansive five acre lots and the expansive views like no other we had ever seen in our lives.”

“We were motivated to buy a lot at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms because there is a tremendous tangible value in this community,” said Mac. “This neighborhood is spacious, well-maintained, it has a beautiful unified look throughout, and we have an awesome neighborhood association that looks out for the lot owners and their investments. The intangible value is the coffee farmers themselves. They really care about the integrity of the land and the harvest they put to market. And, if you really love quality coffee, like we do, you can’t forget the owner’s discount at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store in Lahaina. There’s so much to love!”

“Mac grew up in a small farming community in Iowa and Ka`anapali Coffee Farms reminds him of those childhood days happily running through the fields,” shared Alex. “This Maui agricultural community provides our young family the room we need to stretch our legs and explore.”

Other families also share the McCarney’s love of this community, and interest continues to be high.  In the past 18 months, 16 lots have sold, 3 lots are currently in escrow, and homes are continuing to be built. Only 17 prime five to seven-acre estate lots are available, prices start at $795,000.

The McCarneys are counting the days until they can live full-time at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms.

“We regularly take picnics on our farm lot; hike through the fields; ride bikes on the paved roads; and one day when we move into our new home, our kids will be able to play freely in this really safe community,” said Mac. “Living at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms is our dream … we can’t wait to come home.”



MauiGrown Coffee receives Starbucks' Coffee C.A.F.E. certification

MauiGrown Coffee receives Starbucks’ Coffee C.A.F.E. certification
January 29, 2015

It’s official! MauiGrown Coffee has received certification in Starbucks’ Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices (C.A.F.E.). 

Starbucks Coffee Company initiated its C.A.F.E. Practices to evaluate, recognize, and reward producers of high-quality sustainably grown coffee that they purchase, while promoting social, economic and environmental standards in participating farms. The environmental standards and employment practices of MauiGrown Coffee were screened and tested, and passed with flying colors to be one of Starbucks’ suppliers.

“MauiGrown Coffee is excited to be accepted into this elite club of coffee farmers and producers,” said Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee. “Starbucks has made a true commitment to ensuring the ethical sourcing of coffee and we are excited to be recognized by this responsible certification program.”

Starbucks’ coffee connoisseurs have been enjoying MauiGrown Coffee’s exceptional coffee varietals at select store locations nationwide. In fall 2012, MauiGrown Coffee’s signature Maui Mokka® was chosen by Starbucks Coffee to be included in its esteemed Starbucks Reserve Coffee product line, as well as being served in select Starbucks Clover stores. According to Starbucks, the company screens through thousands of coffees from all over the world, and only a precious few are exceptional enough to become a Starbucks Reserve Coffee.

For more information, visit www.MauiGrownGreenCoffee.com or email info@MauiGrownCoffee.com. The MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is located at 277 Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina, Maui, call 808-661-2728 for information and/or store hours.

MauiGrown Coffee ships their coffee varietals to wholesalers and retail customers statewide, on the U.S. Mainland, as well as internationally.



MauiGrown Coffee Fields

“We feel it’s important to respect the land and cultural
traditions,” said Kathy, who was trained as an anthropologist while attending law school. Chris and Kathy are pictured with Rev. Pomaikai Kaahumanu during the blessing of their Ka`anapali Coffee Farms lot.

Buyers choose farm living
Lahaina News
Issue: April 10, 2014

KAANAPALI - When Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern United States, St. Petersburg, Florida residents Chris and Kathy decided they'd had enough of the uncertain weather conditions and hectic lifestyle. It was time for a change. Their search for a new home and a new life led them to Maui, where they fell in love with the Ka`anapali Coffee Farms community.

"We were attracted to the romantic feel of this Napa-like community with its breathtaking views and manicured coffee orchards," said Kathy. "It also offered that laid back and relaxed island lifestyle that we were seeking."

Like Chris and Kathy, other new buyers are also discovering the magnetic allure of Ka`anapali Coffee Farms.

Since January of this year alone, nine escrows have been opened, with three already closed. Only a limited number of five- to seven-acre estate lots remain. Prices start from $560,000.

"There's an exciting energy on the farm," said Rohn Stark of Platinum Properties Hawaii. "In addition to increasing sales activity, a number of homes are currently being built, and construction of the community's custom entry gate is in progress."

One of the perks of living at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms is local farmers do all the work on the coffee plantation for homeowners. The fruits of their labor are MauiGrown Coffee's exceptional coffee varietals, including their famous Maui Mokka. Today, their 100 percent MAUI Origin Coffee brand is sold throughout the State of Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Japan, Germany, Korea, Australia, Canada, and right here at home at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store in Lahaina - and the coffee's popularity continues to soar.

Chris and Kathy anticipate moving into their `ohana unit late this summer - the first phase of their dream property at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms. Chris hopes to continue his medical practice and to do his charity work. He is Board-certified and a specialist in wound care.

"Here's to new beginnings," said Kathy.



MauiGrown Coffee Fields

MauiGrown Coffee's four coffee varieties are estate grown and harvested on 500 acres on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains.
Photo by: Paradise Aerial Photography

MauiGrown Coffee carves new marketing niche, popularity growing worldwide

It has been almost 25 years since the former Pioneer Mill Company first started planting coffee on their Kaanapali Estate in West Maui. Today, MauiGrown Coffee is not only flourishing as one of the largest commercial coffee growers in the U.S., but they've also carved a growing market niche worldwide for their 100% MAUI Origin Coffee.

"Back in 1988 we planted four Arabica varietals - Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai, Typica and Mokka," said James "Kimo" Falconer, President of MauiGrown Coffee.  "At the time, it was considered cutting edge to have multiple coffee varieties planted on a single estate. Through the years, we focused on refining our varietal approach to growing coffee and our harvesting and processing methods. Today, the fruits of our labor are paying off."

MauiGrown Coffee is unique in that the farm offers both washed and natural process in each variety of coffee. Their methods for harvesting, processing and storing their varieties separately also differ from most coffee farms worldwide. This distinction has helped the company carve a new market niche and driven up the demand for 100% MAUI Origin Coffee.

In 1995, in their first year, the Kaanapali Estate sold approximately 65,000 lbs of coffee. In 2013, over 450,000 lbs of coffee were sold under the MauiGrown Coffee brand in Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Japan, Germany, Korea, Australia and Canada.

Hawaii roasters embraced MauiGrown Coffee's natural product from the get go, whereas the U.S. Mainland markets have traditionally preferred the washed product. However, the company sees a shift in this trend with more mainland roasters now carrying the natural product which may be attributed to either a taste preference and/or the company's continued efforts to perfect the handling of their natural coffees.

"Since the opening of the company's retail store in Lahaina seven years ago, we've seen the demand for these coffees quadruple," Jeff Ferguson, Co-owner of the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store. "Our niche is offering MauiGrown's natural processed coffees which our customers from around the world seem to gravitate towards. These distinct coffees offer a sweeter, fruitier flavor with occasional notes of dark chocolate and cherries."

"MauiGrown Coffee is a great example of the expansion of coffee in Hawaii," said Dave Gridley, President of Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Co. "For so long everyone growing coffee in Hawaii tried to be like the Kona varietals on the Big Island of Hawaii. Then MauiGrown Coffee came along and created their own reputation offering unique processing techniques and multiple varieties of coffee to choose from. It really opened the door for other coffee growers in Hawaii."

"It seems like only yesterday that we were knee-deep in coffee research and traveling to coffee-growing regions around the world," said Falconer. "Fast forward 25 years and fresh off our recent harvest season, I feel like we're still perfecting our craft, improving, learning and passionately involved with the Hawaii Coffee and Specialty Coffee industry in order to create a superb cup of coffee. Our varietals are like our babies and we're excited to see them growing up."

MauiGrown Coffee will be exhibiting at the 26th Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition in Seattle, WA on April 24-27 (booth # 10042), as well as at future Coffee Fest shows in St. Louis, MO and Portland, OR later this year. Sampling of MauiGrown Coffee's new Maui Mokka coffees will debut at the shows.

For information, visit www.MauiGrownGreenCoffee.com or contact Kimo Falconer (jkimof@msn.com or 808-357-1204) or Ci-Ci Hehemann (heman808@yahoo.com or 808-870-6215). The MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is located at 277 Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina, Maui, call 808-661-2728 for information and/or store hours.



James "Kimo" Falconer

The Rinkes celebrate the signing of their Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms contract with friends. Pictured, left to right, are Bryan Goodnight, Ricky Ryan, Robert Rinke, Abby Rinke, Linda Ryan and Janice Goodnight.

New owners ride the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms waveLahaina News
Issue: February 13, 2014

Surfing has a way of bringing people together. For new Ka`anapali Coffee Farms owners Abby and Robert Rinke, they didn't realize just how much their favorite pastime would change their lives until recently.

After searching for nearly six years for their second home, Abby recalled how it brought them to Maui. "Our pastor at Coastline Calvary Chapel on the Mainland, a surfing enthusiast, put us in touch with Ricky Ryan, pastor of Kumulani Chapel on Maui, who shared our passion for Hawaii's waves. After meeting Ricky, his wife Linda, and the church congregation, our network of friends quickly grew. We knew we wanted to stay on Maui, but the question was where.

"Our hard-working Realtor Janice Goodnight thought that Ka`anapali Coffee Farms might be a good fit for us. One day, Ricky and Linda took us to visit a friend's home located in this West Maui community. It was a spectacular residence, made even more memorable by the panoramic views, hills covered with manicured coffee orchards and peace and serenity that surround you. We also loved the agricultural side of this community, with spacious lots and veteran farmers doing the hard work for us. But the icing on the cake came when Ricky brought out his longboard skateboard and he and Robert took turns riding the gentle rolling hills - experiencing this community from a different point of view. We could visualize ourselves here we knew we had found our second home."

Today, other buyers are also riding the wave of home ownership at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms.

"In the last four months, four lots have sold and four are currently in escrow," said Rohn Stark of Platinum Properties Hawaii. "Now is the time to purchase one of the remaining four- to seven-acre lots at Ka`anapali Coffee Farms, one of West Maui's hottest real estate properties. But don't take our word for it; we encourage you to experience it for yourself."



James "Kimo" Falconer
No tricks, only treats at
MauiGrown Coffee Company Store

This Halloween, treat yourself to MauiGrown Coffee Company Store’s “Ghouls Brew,” a serious blend of dark roasted coffees. According to the store’s co-owner Jeff Ferguson, legend has it that each year, the Ghoul comes to town and selects a special coffee to be his Ghoul’s Brew. This year, he chose MauiGrown Coffee to create his special brew. The Ghoul leaves town at midnight on October 31st, but this coffee is so hard to resist, they’re making this flavor available through November 1st.

This special brew is just one of the many sweet surprises awaiting coffee lovers as MauiGrown Coffee celebrates three milestone anniversaries with the start of their new harvest season – the 25th anniversary of Kaanapali Estate (established by the former Pioneer Mill Company), the 10th anniversary of MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. (established by 5th generation farmer Kimo Falconer), and the 7th anniversary of the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store.

In celebration of this milestone year, the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store will be offering coffees, shirts, mugs and memorabilia for sale starting from November 1st through November 9th. Customers will enjoy samplings of MauiGrown Coffee’s exceptional varietals – Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Typica and their famous Maui Mokka. A special anniversary blend called “Kimo’s Brew” will be unveiled and offered for the first time to the public. Additionally the 25 year Anniversary Blend will be on sale – a unique blend of all four coffee varietals in one flavorful cup. Organized coffee tours, sample coffee roasting, live music and a coffee cup art contest are also being planned. Watch for announcements of these and other events and promotions throughout the year on website www.MauiGrownCoffee.com and/or follow on Facebook.

For Ferguson, who opened the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store with his partners Diane Boyd and Falconer, it’s been a whirlwind 7 years. Fueled by their passion for coffee, their team has helped to position the store; located adjacent to the historic Pioneer Mill Company smokestack; as a must-stop, must-experience destination – an accolade that they’ve certainly earned. Their customers appreciate the friendly service and local knowledge of the Kaanapali Estate coffee growing region and, together with landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. (KLM), they’ve helped to put MauiGrown Coffee on the map.

Looking towards the future, Ferguson is optimistic about the MauiGrown Coffee brand.

“It all started with Kimo's dream – to see coffee thrive in West Maui,” said Ferguson and we wanted to help make that happen. “Today, MauiGrown Coffee is creating a buzz amongst coffee aficionados worldwide thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kimo, KLM, local farmers and our store’s team. But in the end what matters most is what our customers think. As long as they continue to appreciate an exceptional cup of coffee, MauiGrown Coffee has a bright future ahead.”

The MauiGrown Coffee Company Store is located at 277 Lahainaluna Road, next to the historic Pioneer Mill smokestack on Lahainaluna Road in Lahaina. Open Monday through Saturday, 6:30 am to 5 pm. For more information, visit www.MauiGrownCoffee.com or call (808) 661-2728.



James "Kimo" Falconer
Kimo Falconer in front of the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store, which celebrates their 7th anniversary next month. Watch for an announcement on the festivities coming soon.
Happy Anniversaries, MauiGrown Coffee!
Lahaina News KCF article
Issue: August 29, 2013

As numbers go, this year is a celebratory one for MauiGrown Coffee.

25 years ago the former Pioneer Mill Company first started planting coffee on their Ka`anapali Estate –today, it is home of the premier agricultural community of Ka`anapali Coffee Farms. 10 years ago Ka`anapali Estate vice president, Kimo Falconer, realized his dream of starting his very own coffee operation when he established MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. 7 years ago MauiGrown Coffee Company Store, located adjacent to the historic Pioneer Mill Company’s smokestack, opened its doors in 2006 to the delight of coffee enthusiasts locally and worldwide.

Today, MauiGrown Coffee is one of the largest commercial coffee growers in the U.S. and the original and only major producer of 100% MAUI Origin Coffee in the world. Efforts to establish a unique brand and a coveted place in the coffee world have been an amazing journey for this kama`aina company, and the opportunity to share the fruits of their labor to a worldwide audience continues to fuel their passion.

“It seems like only yesterday that we were knee-deep in coffee research and traveling to coffee-growing regions around the world,” said Falconer. “Fast forward 25 years and heading into a new harvest season, I feel like we’re still perfecting our craft improving on our growing, harvesting and production methods to create a superb cup of coffee.”

The company’s roots began in the late 1980s. West Maui, it turned out, provided a perfect growing environment for four arabica varieties – “Yellow Caturra”,“Red Catuai”, “Typica”, and a nearly 1,000-year old variety called “Mokka”. Because of the impressive results of its field trials, Pioneer Mill planted what would eventually become a 500-acre commercial coffee operation. The company built a processing plant and purchased coffee harvesting equipment. In less than a decade, Pioneer Mill renamed the operation Ka`anapali Estate Coffee and was producing 500,000 pounds of green arabica beans annually.

Despite a tremendous amount of hard work and perseverance, continued losses in sugar proved to be the downfall of Pioneer Mill Company. But the company’s commitment to preserve West Maui’s agricultural roots remained steadfast. Even after Pioneer Mill closed down, landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. continued to maintain the coffee trees in the hopes that someone would take over and keep the land in agriculture as they had intended.

Re-enter James “Kimo” Falconer – a fifth-generation Lahaina resident with a passion for nurturing the land and for coffee in equal measure. With the help of Kaanapali Land Management Corp. and his strong resolve, the dormant Ka`anapali Estate Coffee plantation would soon live again under the MauiGrown Coffee banner

Today, one can visit Kaanapali Coffee Farms on the breathtaking slopes of the West Maui Mountains, home of MauiGrown Coffee. It’s definitely worth a visit or you can choose to live in this master-planned community (ownership includes your very own coffee orchard!) – a place steeped in tradition and natural beauty.

With a bevy of anniversaries to celebrate this year, MauiGrown Coffee can honestly say their cup runneth over.

For information on MauiGrown Coffee, visit www.MauiGrownCoffee.com, follow them on Facebook, or visit the store at 277 Lahainaluna Rd. For information on Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, call 888-KCF-MAUI (888-523-6284), visit www.KaanapaliCoffeeFarms.com or follow them on Facebook.



A Cup of Paradise
When Lahaina farmer Kimo Falconer visited New York City last February, he stopped at a Starbucks. The barista was brewing up individual cups of coffee on a fancy, newfangled machine. At $7 a pop, these weren’t just any coffees. They represented the crème de la crème of the coffee world, a limited supply of exceptional beans from a select few farms...

Download Article (PDF)



James "Kimo" Falconer
James "Kimo" Falconer, president of
MauiGrown Coffee

Hawaii Business magazine, July 2013

Maui coffee growers step out from Kana's shadow to define their brand.

When James "Kimo" Falconer planted 500 acres of coffee for the Pioneer Sugar Mill Company in 1988, the west Maui location seemed ill suited for the crop. The land is near sea
level, dry, and windy- conditions nearly opposite to those in Kona, the prime coffee growing country on the Big Island. But, as it turns out, some coffee varieties thrive in Ka'anapali.

Maui Mokka is Falconer's ace in the field. This ancient cultivar hails from hot and deserty Yemen and produces tiny, round beans. It was initially discounted as too fin icky for cultivation. But when coffee connoisseurs got a sip of the resultant brew, they praised its rich, chocolaty notes. Maui Mokka now retails for $30 a pound- the same premium commanded by 100 percent Kona.

Falconer launched MauiGrown in 2003, after Pioneer Mill closed, abandoning its fledgling coffee business. The determined farmer was able to revive the orchard by blending agriculture with real estate, partnering with Ka'anapali Coffee Farms, a development company that divvied the orchard up into five-acre lots. Private homeowners build on a predetermined acre and lease the remainder to MauiGrown. "It's another way of subsidizing agriculture -- by people who want to live on the property," he says.

MauiGrown harvested 40,000 pounds of beans its first year. As the trees matured, yields increased. This year Falconer hauled in half a million pounds. In addition to Maui Mokka, Falconer grows Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, and Typic a, selling the raw beans for $5-$10 a pound.

Today, MauiGrown coffee is served in most of Maui's fine restaurants. And last fall, Starbucks chose to feature Maui Mokka in its new Clover shops, where baristas brew boutique coffees for $7 a cup. The actual sale for MauiGrown was nominal at 18,000 pounds, but the boost in name recognition was huge.

The brand's success has bolstered the popularity of all Maui coffees. Falconer is just one of forty-one Maui Coffee Association members, though his business is the most robust. He plans to put another 100 acres into coffee production, and develop a 100 percent Hawaiian variety.

"We've put Maui on the map, in terms of coffee," says Falconer. "People used to ask for Kona or Hawaiian coffee. Now they ask for Maui."



Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms attracts
savvy real estate investor

Lahaina News, July 4, 2013

When it comes to making a solid real estate investment, finding the right property is the most important factor. Just ask Greg Brown, owner of Brown Development, who recently purchased a lot in the premier agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms in West Maui.

For over 10 years, Greg Brown and his team have been successfully designing, building and selling custom homes on Maui and Lanai.  Today, their completed projects in Hawaii number over 40 luxury estates ranging in value from 1.5 to 10 million dollars.

Brown Development purchases the best agricultural lots they can find on Maui.  In the last two years, their homes in West Maui have sold between 2.8 to 3 million dollars within 30 days of completion. And, their recent purchase of a Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms lot is one of many projects currently underway in this master planned subdivision. Aptly named, their first estate will be called "Hale Kope" or "House of Coffee."

For Brown, his formula for success is simple.

"If you build on the right property, all your hard work and investment will pay off," said Brown."The Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community perfectly fits our investment strategy offering an ideal location, unbeatable views, proximity to the beach and fair pricing."

The one-story homes by Brown Development will reflect Maui's casual lifestyle offering approximately 3,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. of interior living space, and the designs will weave a tapestry of Polynesian culture with a luxurious rustic and European French chateau style, which their company is known for.

A 25-year resident of Maui, Greg is passionate about construction, the real estate business and his island home.

"You know when you've found the right property. There's something about Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms that sets it apart from others," said Brown. "The community has a luxury feeling that is unmatched, it offers a tranquil and relaxed lifestyle and so much more. It's like coming home."

For more information on Hale Kope at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, contact gregbrown@bdmaui.com or visit www.BDHawaii.com. To schedule your personal property showing, contact your realtor or Rohn Stark at Platinum Properties HAWAII: (808) 870-5571, rohn@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com.



MauiGrown Coffee's crops are nurtured year-round in an ideal climate for growing outstanding coffee. Molokai is in the background.

Coffee farms among highlights of Maui ag tours

By Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi
Star-Advertiser: May 19, 2013

When Marilyn Jansen Lopes and her husband, Ricky, bought a used eight-passenger van at an auction in 2009, they intended to use it as an RV for camping and cruising. Little did they know it would inspire a business that draws people from all over the world.

"The van had been used by Kapalua Resort as a shuttle, and it was in excellent condition," Lopes said. "After a camping trip on Father's Day weekend in 2010, we were driving along the shore between Olowalu and Lahaina. Through the van's big windows, I saw the West Maui Mountains on one side and the ocean and Lanai on the other. I told Ricky, ‘We really should do something with this beautiful van.'"

An idea for "something" came to Lopes soon after, when she was having coffee with a friend at Whole Foods Market. In full view was Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America, which was moored at Kahului Harbor.

"I turned to my friend and said, ‘Wouldn't it be great if I could get seven passengers a day from that ship and show them some of Maui's farms?'" Lopes recalled. "With Hawaii's farm-to-table movement in full swing, I thought it was the perfect time to interest visitors in agriculture. I registered the business as Maui Country Farm Tours: Sharing Maui's Agricultural Beauty in November 2010, and Ricky and I took out our first tour — to a few Upcountry farms — the following July."

The company's offerings have expanded to five tours with stops ranging from Maui's Winery to Surfing Goat Dairy. The West Maui Coffee Tour focuses on two coffee farms — a small family-owned business and a large commercial operation.

Piliani Kopemeans "coffee farm close to heaven," say owners Greg Stille and his wife, Susy, adding that it aptly describes their scenic location and aromatic brews. The couple hails from Northern California, where Greg, current president of the Hawaii Coffee Association, worked as a third-generation grocer.

In August 2004, after 22 years of visits to Maui, the Stilles bought a 2-acre property in the agricultural subdivision of Mahanalua Nui in Lahaina, an area that had been planted in coffee in the late 1800s.

On a hike in Launiupoko Gulch near their home, the Stilles discovered wild Typica coffee trees — likely descendants of trees from the 19th-century farms — that were laden with ripe "cherries." They picked the fruit, pulped it by hand, and dried, ground and roasted it. Pleased with the results, they sought experts and more information about coffee cultivation and processing. Before long, they were immersed in a new venture.

GREG Stille takes tour participants through the 1.5-acre orchard, where he explains how his coffee is grown and harvested. The group then heads to the 1,450-square-foot processing barn to learn how coffee goes from "seed to cup." (During the fall/winter harvest season, Piliani Kope offers a three-hour tour that lets visitors try their hand at all 11 processing steps.)

A coffee bar in the barn serves samples of two of the farm's 10 pure-Maui-grown coffees, as well as Susy's homemade pastries.

A 15-minute drive away, MauiGrown Coffee cultivates four varieties at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, a private agricultural community on land that was part of a vast sugar cane plantation run by Pioneer Mill Co. from 1860 to 2001.

In 1988, Pioneer Mill launched a project to convert 500 of the 10,000 acres originally planted in sugar to coffee. James "Kimo" Falconer was director of agricultural research. When Pioneer Mill shut down, so did the project, but in 2003, Falconer revived it under the name MauiGrown Coffee.

Here, Lopes discusses the history of coffee, from its origins in Ethiopia to its introduction to Hawaii in 1813. Guests take photographs among the trees. "They climb a viewing platform where they see incredible views of the orchards, mountains and ocean," Lopes said.

All the trees now bear green fruit and white blossoms. Ripe cherries will appear in the fall. Machines harvest them from September through February — which visitors might see, if they're lucky. The visit concludes with samples of six of MauiGrown's 42 coffee blends and roasts.

Lopes said her vision for the farm tours is to raise interest in agriculture and the people of the industry. "Their farms and ranches are in some of the most magnificent spots in Hawaii."


» Daily pickups: 8:30 a.m. at Kahului Harbor; 8:45 a.m. at Whole Foods Market, Maui Mall, 70 Kaahumanu Ave.; 9:30 a.m. at Lahaina Harbor. Returns are at 3:15 p.m., 3 p.m. and 2 p.m., respectively.

» Cost: $150 for ages 13 and older; $99 for ages 4 through 12, based on a minimum of four people (private tours for parties of fewer than four are $200 per person). Children under 4 are not allowed. Cost includes coffee samplings, pastries and a picnic lunch. Kamaaina receive a 15 percent discount. Mention this article when booking and receive a $120 rate.

» Info: 808-283-9131, visit mauicountryfarmtours.com, email info@mauicountryfarmtours.com

» Other tours: Maui Country Farm Tours also offers a three-hour Sugar Express Tour, all-day Deluxe Upcountry Photo Farm Tour, and half-day Upcountry tours.

» Also: For more on the various farms served by the tours go to www.mauiwine.com, www.surfinggoatdairy.com, www.pilianikopefarm.com, www.mauigrowngreencoffee.com

Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi is a Honolulu-based freelance writer whose travel features for the Star-Advertiser have won several Society of American Travel Writers awards.



MauiGrown Coffee's Kimo Falconer sees a bright future for coffee in West Maui.
West Maui coffee farm finds success, future
Lahaina News - May 9, 2013

"Having a vision for creating a coffee farm is one thing, making sure it's successful in the long-term is another," shared James "Kimo" Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee.

For almost 15 years, Kimo and landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. have been caring for the coffee orchards that were once part of the old Pioneer Mill operation. Today, nearly 500 acres of coffee fields now blanket portions of the West Maui Mountains within the premiere agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

For Kimo, a five-generation West Maui farmer, it's a dream come true. Thanks to an innovative concept that melds both agriculture and real estate, Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms is enabling lot owners to have their cake and eat it too.

While property owners enjoy a leisurely lifestyle and, bar none, the most spectacular views on Maui, veteran farmers care for their coffee orchards that reap MauiGrown Coffee's famous coffee varietals – Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai, Typica and Maui Mokka.

Today, the thriving coffee plantation is bearing more than just the fruits of their labor, it's also translated into green - the color of money.

"Demand often exceeds supply with our coffee varietals selling out each year" shared Kimo about their coffee that is sought by wholesalers and retail customers statewide, on the U.S. Mainland, as well as internationally. "It's a nice problem to have and we are now looking at planting more coffee to meet the demand for our 100% MAUI Origin Coffee."

For Ka‘anapali Coffee Farm lot owners it's a win-win. In December, the coffee operation's success translated into lot owners receiving a check in the mail – the return of approximately 50 percent of their Lot Owner's Association fees paid for the past fiscal year.

But perhaps the real winner of this coffee farm's success is the West Maui community. Thanks to a far-reaching vision, lots of hard work and a passion to preserve our island's agricultural roots – coffee has a long, bright future ahead – one where Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' owners are enjoying the ride.

For information on Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, call 888-KCF-MAUI (888-523-6284), visit www.KaanapaliCoffeeFarms.com or follow us on Facebook. For information on MauiGrown Coffee, visit www.MauiGrownGreenCoffee.com.



An amazing view from the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' home of Roger and Joyce Amadon. Homeowners in this community enjoy spectacular views and a lifestyle like no other. Photo by: Frank Baranik
Top realtors chime in on Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms

What makes one property stand out from another? What real estate purchases are the best investments? Which communities best suit my family's needs and lifestyle? When it comes to finding that perfect property, buyers often rely on their realtors for assistance and sound advice.

Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with some of West Maui's top realtors about what their buyers are looking for and what makes the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community in West Maui a strong real estate investment.

Location is a priority for Scott Innes R(S) of Island Sotheby's International Realty: "My clients are world travelers and Maui offers an opportunity to live and work close to the Asian countries in which they do business. Finding the private and unique property of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms provided a perfect fit. I couldn't be happier for my clients!"

According to real estate veteran Nancy Montoya R(B), ABR of Whalers Realty: "My clients are looking for a community that offers great views, privacy and an exclusive feel. Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms offers all of this and more."

Specializing in luxury Maui real estate, Roy Sakamoto R(B) of Sakamoto Properties shared: "I was very excited to present the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms to my best clients, because of the uniqueness and beauty of the new community. We have one purchase concluded and I expect another soon!"

"Today's property buyers are looking for long-term appreciation of their investment," said Rohn Stark R(B) of Platinum Properties HAWAII. "With spacious 5- to 7-acre estate lots, spectacular panoramic vistas, the ideal location and now new pricing – Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms is the choice for discriminating buyers and realtors."

To schedule your personal property showing, contact your realtor or Rohn Stark at Platinum Properties HAWAII: (808) 870-5571, rohn@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com.



Veteran farmers harvest MauiGrown's popular coffee varieties in the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community.

Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' on the cover of Hawai‘i Real Estate Guide: A “Farm” with a View

"Heavenly" may well describe the premier agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms in West Maui. Here, on approximately 300 acres upslope from the Ka‘anapali Beach Resort, lies your window to the world.

This is the home you've always dreamed of. Bask in uninterrupted views of mountain, sea and sky. Take a leisurely stroll amongst lush expanses of green and your very own manicured coffee orchard. Treat yourself to one of the world's most famous places to play, Ka‘anapali Beach Resort, located just four scenic miles away. Be inspired by a gorgeous sunset with the cloudwreathed islands of Moloka‘i and Lana‘i beyond.

You can build your dream home on a spectacular 4- to 7-acre estate lot with plenty of room to grow. You'll find the perfect blend of privacy, space and relaxed living.

Life is simpler and quieter here, where things are timed to the seasons of planting, growing and the harvest. While veteran farmers care for your coffee orchard, you'll enjoy a life of unhurried indulgence on your own peaceful retreat. Life doesn't get any sweeter... welcome home to Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

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Veteran farmers harvest MauiGrown's popular coffee varieties in the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community.
Veteran farmers harvest MauiGrown's popular coffee varieties in the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community.
Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' property owners reap the rewards of a thriving coffee operation

Recently, lot owners at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms received a welcome check in the mail - the return of approximately 50 percent of their Lot Owner's Association fees paid for the past fiscal year. This reimbursement to property owners is the result of a unique farm-residential concept that is setting a benchmark for agricultural residential communities in the State of Hawaii.

When landowner Kaanapali Land Management Corp. first launched their more than 300-acre Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms project back in 2006, they unveiled a unique concept that would seamlessly blend a working coffee farm with a master-planned residential community in West Maui. Today, their vision is paying off.

Buyers can now purchase and build a home within spectacular 4- to 7-acre estate lots of mature, coffee producing trees. Experienced coffee managers oversee the coffee farming operations, from the flowering through harvesting, offering homeowners the opportunity to experience the essence of farming without the distractions of daily farm management.

As an added perk, Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' lot owners also have the opportunity to reduce the level of association fees if strong coffee revenues can be achieved. This year, owners received a return of $5,000 per lot for fees paid during the past fiscal year, which ended August 2012.

Under the MauiGrown Coffee brand, the coffee operation has continued to thrive. The 2011-2012 season saw a record coffee harvest of over 200,000 pounds of green coffee and an increase in sales revenue exceeding 40% over the prior year. Their 100% MAUI Origin coffee can be found on the shelves of boutique roasters all across the U.S. Mainland, as well as Canada, Japan, and Korea. The coffee farm workers and coffee production team continue to take great pride in growing and processing a specialty coffee product that has grown in reputation and demand, while at the same time striving to be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

"We are very optimistic over this year's coming harvest and anticipate another high yield," said Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee Distributors. "We've continued to grow our MauiGrown Coffee brand and are passionate about cultivating our four coffee varieties to produce an exceptional cup of coffee."

For Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' lot owners, this unique farm-residential concept is a win-win situation.

"We were attracted to this coffee farm community because it gave us the space we desired for our lifestyle among the beauty of the coffee orchards and the green hillsides," said Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms homeowner Lyn Muegge. "The farming operation gave us the unique opportunity to own a beautiful place to live and to help keep the land under cultivation with a viable Maui crop. Receiving a refund of half our association fees was an added bonus and totally unexpected!"

For information on Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, call 888-KCF-MAUI (888-523-6284), visit ww.KaanapaliCoffeeFarms.com or follow us on Facebook. For information on MauiGrown Coffee, visit www.MauiGrownGreenCoffee.com.



true agricultural community
Kaanapali Coffee Farms is a true agricultural community located on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains.
Photo by: Randy Miller

Kaanapali Coffee Farms: Year in Review
Lahaina News - November 22 issue

Oh, what a difference a year makes! Despite an economy that most people would agree "could be better," the premier agricultural community of Kaanapali Coffee Farms has continued to flourish.

This year, the farming operation, marketed under the MauiGrown Coffee brand, achieved a record coffee harvest in the 2011-2012 season. The MauiGrown Coffee brand continues to be strong - found on the shelves of boutique roasters all across the mainland, as well as Canada, Japan, and Korea.

"The coffee farm workers and coffee production team take great pride in growing and processing a specialty coffee product that has continued to grow in reputation and demand," said Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. "We are very optimistic over this coming harvest and we anticipate another strong year of sales in the coming year."

The success of the coffee operations has also had a direct benefit for Kaanapali Coffee Farms property owners. Coffee sales over the past fiscal year helped to reduce lot association fees. It's a win-win situation for owners, who not only enjoy their 5- to 7-acre estate lot with their very own coffee orchard, but they are part of an agricultural family that is helping to preserve West Maui's agricultural legacy.

Excitingly, the farming operation is not the only news abuzz at Kaanapali Coffee Farms - sales activity has also increased. Within the last two months, two lots were sold. Home building is also hopping with one home just completed and two more homes scheduled to break ground soon.

"As we head into a new year, we are very optimistic," said Rohn Stark R(B) of Platinum Properties HAWAII. "Kaanapali Coffee Farms is one of the hottest properties in West Maui's real estate market today. Whether looking for a strong investment or seeking to build your dream home, this master-planned community has it all - spectacular views, spacious lots, privacy, proximity to a world-class resort, and a lifestyle like no other."

To schedule your personal property showing, contact Platinum Properties HAWAII: Rohn Stark R(B) at (808) 870-5571, rohn@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com or Josh Wyant at (808) 280-6752, josh@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com.



Spacious 4-7 acre estate lots
Construction of new homes continues at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. Spacious 4-7 acre estate lots allow for construction of a main house, cottage and a workshop or farm dwelling.

Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms raises the bar

LAHAINA, MAUI, HAWAII - September 27, 2012 - The economy is definitely showing signs of recovery. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms in West Maui where sales activities and interest inthis true agricultural community is at an all-time high.

Boasting 4-7 acre estates with spectacular panoramic views, Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms continues to be the property of choice for those seeking a solid real estate investment. This month, one lot has closed, another lot is currently under contract and sales interest continues to peak. Construction activity is also on the rise with two homes under construction and anticipating completion by the end of this year.

"It's a sign of the times," said Rohn Stark, P(B) of Platinum Properties HAWAII. "Buyers are looking for value-added properties, ideal locations, and the best in island lifestyle. Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms delivers this and more."

Adjusted pricing has helped to generate additional buyer interest in Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. The beautiful Rainbow House, a 3-bedroom, 3-1/2 bath model home offering 3,600 sq. ft. of the utmost in luxurious plantation living - is now listed at $3,450,000 (fully furnished). Spacious estate lots start at $525,000, and value-added home-lot packages in the Mokka Point enclave are also offered.

"But the deciding factor for those who purchase a property at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, remains the lifestyle" said Rohn. "Here you own a portion of a mature coffee orchard with an established farm program. The community's privacy and leisure lifestyle also resonates with our buyers. When it comes to exceptional properties, Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms definitely raises the bar."

Prospective lot or home buyers may contact Platinum Properties HAWAII to schedule personal property showings: Rohn Stark R(B) at (808) 870-5571, rohn@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com or Josh Wyant at (808) 280-6752, josh@PlatinumPropertiesHI.com.



Kimo Falconer, coffee cherries.
MauiGrown Coffee president, Kimo Falconer, inspects some of this year's coffee cherries.

MauiGrown Coffee reports record harvest with Maui Mokka its shining star

LAHAINA, Maui, Hawaii - March 12, 2012 - This week, MauiGrown Coffee reported a record harvest of their Arabica coffee varieties grown at the 500-acre Kaanapali Estate, which includes portions of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. MauiGrown Coffee is the largest individually operated coffee grower in the U.S. and the original and only major producer of 100% MAUI Origin Coffee in the world.

This year's harvest, which totaled in excess of 350,000 lbs of green coffee, exceeded the volume of any prior harvests. The company credits their continued focus on quality as a major contributor to the increase in cherry production.

Since MauiGrown Coffee was established in 2003, the company has been working on revitalizing the coffee plants abandoned by the old Pioneer Mill Company, which closed its doors in 2001. Today, the fruits of their labor can be seen and measured.

The cherries of MauiGrown Coffee's four coffee varieties - Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai, Typica and Maui Mokka™ - have increased in size due to better nutrition received by the coffee trees over the years. The plants are much healthier and in better condition thanks to the ongoing efforts of veteran farmers and grower Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee, who also serves as current president of the Hawaii Coffee Growers Association.

"Our goal is to produce a bountiful range of unique, distinctive and high quality coffees," said Falconer. "We take a seed to cup approach, from ensuring the health of our plants to continuing to improve on how we process our coffee cherries. For instance, all our cherries are now 100% fully washed versus semi-washed just one year ago, an additional processing step that has gained positive feedback from customers and cuppers."

Maui Mokka™ continues to take the lead as MauiGrown Coffee's star varietal. Last year's Maui Mokka™ inventory all but sold out and customers are anticipating the release of their new 2012 crop, which just became available for sale this month. This demand is due in part to the loyal following of Hawaii, U.S. Mainland and Japanese customers, but also due to Maui Mokka's recent entry into the European and German markets. Japan Airlines now serves 100% Maui Mokka™ coffees on all of its Japan to Hawaii flights and is looking to expand the Maui Mokka™ offering on all of its international routes. MauiGrown Coffee anticipates more exposure and growth for their Maui Mokka™ varietal in national and international markets this year.

Mokka is an amazing coffee variety originally discovered in Yemen that dates back around 1,000 years. In addition to its unique origin, the processing method for Maui Mokka™ differs from other varietals. MauiGrown Coffee stores the dried cherry raisin for six months before milling the coffee. This technique enhances the body and brings out the hearty plum, cherry, and dark chocolate notes and accentuates the characteristics of this particular varietal - what coffee connoisseurs expect from a superb cup of coffee.

For more information on MauiGrown Coffee, visit website www.MauiGrownGreenCoffee.com or call (808) 357-1204.



Coffee Beans
A very berry Christmas at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms

While owners at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms are snug in their beds, it's not visions of sugarplums that are dancing in their heads this holiday season but plump, red coffee cherries!

At Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, they are in the final weeks of harvesting, and oh what a year it's been! This year's harvest of their four exceptional varieties, including the famous Maui Mokka, is anticipated to be record-setting. Perfect timing too with Maui Mokka recently selected as one of the premium coffees to be served inflight on Japan Airlines' Hawaii routes.

But there's more than meets the eye at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. For some it's the spectacular panoramic views of the West Maui Mountains and the neighboring islands of Molokai and Lanai. For others it's the distinction of a private community offering 4- to 7-acre estate lots with your own manicured coffee orchard reminiscent of a Napa Valley scene. But all agree that it is the lifestyle that sets this community apart - a tranquil oasis that blends the best of old world charm with modern day sensibilities. It is home.

"The Kaanapali climate is the best and combined with the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' beautiful open spaces surrounded by amazing coffee plantings and great ocean and mountain views, what more could anyone desire in a place to live?," said Jack and Lyn Muegge, two of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' newest owners who will break ground on their dream home soon.
Roger and Joyce Amadon, homeowners who are enjoying the community's relaxed and serene lifestyle couldn't agree more. "There is simply nothing like it. It is the best!"

Self tours of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms are available 7 days a week, 9 am to 4 pm. For more information, call (808) 662-0000 or Rohn Stark R(B) of Platinum Properties Hawaii at (808) 870-5571.



Mokka Point Lot 12The Rainbow House at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms reflects the area's plantation roots.

Home Sweet "Rainbow House"
Lahaina News, July 7, 2011

When developer Kaanapali Land Management Corp. envisioned their first model home in the Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms community in West Maui, they created a beautiful estate inspired by the area's plantation roots. Today, their "Rainbow House" is the epitome of modern-day plantation life set amidst a breathtaking manicured coffee orchard.

Situated on 5+ acres, this 3 bedroom, 3½ bath estate features approximately 3,600 square feet of living space opening out to over 2,400 square feet of lanais. The expansive lot allows for privacy in a serene setting. The home is exquisitely designed, integrating the highest quality finishes with a casual yet elegant feel. 10-foot high sliding doors frame picture perfect views of the Molokai Channel and the neighboring islands, a refreshing saline pool beckons, a gourmet kitchen and Great Room with an 18-foot vaulted ceiling provide the ideal venue for entertaining, and a master retreat with an en suite and wet bar inspires the ultimate pampering.

"The Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms' Rainbow House ranks second to none to other estate homes on Maui," said Rohn Stark R(B) of Platinum Properties Hawaii. "The quality of this home and the surrounding acreage makes this property very special at the offering price. It is a perfect blend of luxury and plantation-style living. The fact that this home is furnished with very elegant appointments makes this a turnkey purchase very tempting for any discriminating buyer."

The Rainbow House is offered at $3,895,000. For information, contact Rohn Stark R(B) at 808-870-5571.



Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms offers expansive homesites set amidst your own coffee orchard. Photo by Randy Miller.

Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms Sampler
Lahaina News, March 17, 2011

A collection of the latest news from the premier agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms in West Maui:

New pricing reduces inventory
Since the developer announced new pricing on select estate lots in Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, buyers' interest has been at an all-time high. Recently, Lots 15 and 26 were sold and the real estate buzz continues over these exceptional offerings. Now is the time to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity with 4- to 7-acre lots starting from $525,000.

Good news amidst coffee industry's "Perfect Storm"
MauiGrown Coffee, the only certified 100% MAUI Origin coffee in the world, anticipates a good year. Although they estimate a short crop in 2011 - 230,000 pounds of green coffee versus 323,000 pounds the previous year - they'll still come out ahead thanks to the global coffee market's "perfect storm." Factors which are helping to boost business for growers like MauiGrown Coffee are directly linked to the scarcity of coffee worldwide, the recent inventory reduction of Hawaiian coffee, and consumer's growing demand for specialty coffees.

MauiGrown Coffee is cultivated on approximately 400 acres set amidst the spectacular Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms neighborhood. Lot owners enjoy their own mature coffee orchard - just one of the many perks of living at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

A tank with history
If you haven't visited Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms lately, you're in for a treat! A recent beautification project has put back the shine on the old Ka‘anapali Water Company Sand Filter Tank. Located at the entry to this community, the old filter tank on Wili Kope Road is a remnant of West Maui's past marking the transition from a once thriving sugar plantation to resort development.

Self -tours of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms are available 7 days a week, 9 am-4 pm. For more information, call (808) 662-0000.


Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms offers new pricing, great value
Lahaina News, January 20, 2011

Since new pricing on select estate lots in the premier agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms was announced earlier this month it's created a buzz throughout the real estate community, not to mention sales! Now is the time to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity with 4 to 7-acre lots starting from $525,000 and, for a limited time, include a special golf membership at the Ka‘anapali Golf Courses.

It's easy to realize the Maui dream at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. Ocean view lots and a beautiful plantation-inspired model home boast panoramic views, a world-class resort playground just minutes away, gorgeous sunsets, space, privacy and serenity. Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms has created a new enclave of home/lot packages in Mokka Point as part of their real estate offerings.

"Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms is confident that home seekers will see the value of this incredible price offering," said Rohn Stark R(B) of Platinum Properties Hawaii. "Today, these buyers are looking for unprecedented values and this is it. Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms has aggressively priced a portion of their estate lots within this exclusive development, and lots starting at $525,000 have spurred considerable interest."

Now is the time to purchase a Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms lot with developer inventory sure to move quickly. For a presentation of these premier lots, call the KCF sales office at 808-662-0000.



Visit Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms where the harvest is in full swing.

‘Tis the season at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms
Lahaina News, November 25, 2010

Just as the holiday season greets us with a whirlwind of activities and festive celebrations, so too does the harvest season at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

Take a self-guided tour of this true agricultural community soon and you're in for a treat. Rows of coffee plants laden with bright red and yellow cherries lay ripe for the picking. Dozens of workers busily gather the fruits of their labor - some of the finest coffee in the world marketed under the MauiGrown Coffee brand. Owners and local farmers alike share in the excitement of the harvest with each year's yield anticipated to exceed the last.

Harvest season begins in September and typically ends in January. During this time, the crop is harvested on over 380 acres in Ka‘anapali. The coffee cherries will make their way to the processing plant in Lahaina where they are cleaned, sorted, and dried to produce outstanding coffee. The green coffee will be sold in 100lb bags to roasters nationwide under the MauiGrown Coffee brand. Smaller bags of both green and roasted beans are sold in Lahaina at the MauiGrown Coffee Company Store or online at www.MauiGrownCoffee.com.

For owners at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, it's a unique opportunity to see the harvest operation up-close on their very own coffee orchard. But don't expect to be grinding away during harvest season, veteran local farmers will do the work for you while you sip a cup of Maui Mokka and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle like no other.

For more information on Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, call 808-662-0000, stop by our Information Center located behind the Sugar Cane Train station on Pu‘ukoli‘i Road, or visit ww.KaanapaliCoffeeFarms.com. Our model home, the Rainbow House, is available for showings, by appointment only. For information on MauiGrown Coffee, visit www.MauiGrownCoffee.com or stop by the store to taste their world-famous coffees next to the historic Pioneer Mill smokestack on Lahainaluna Rd. in Lahaina.



The premier agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

The Perks of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms
Lahaina News, September 30, 2010

It's easy to tout the benefits of the private 300-acre agricultural community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms in West Maui.  One simply has to see the magnificent panoramic views; enjoy the amenities and beaches of the world-class Ka‘anapali Resort located just a short drive away; or bask in the natural beauty, serenity and privacy that surrounds you.
Spacious 4-7 acre estate lots offer ample room for families to grow and build their dream home.  A team of experienced farmers tend the coffee on your lot, yielding some of the most prized coffee beans in the world - leaving you and your family time to enjoy paradise.  Call us for pricing.
The developer's model home on Lot 1, "The Rainbow House," pays homage to our island's plantation roots and captures its casual, indoor-outdoor lifestyle.  Set amidst 5+ acres, this 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath estate features approximately 3,600 sq. ft. of living space opening out to over 2,400 sq. ft. of lanais.  The home is exquisitely designed, with a dramatic 18 ft. ceiling in Great Room, gourmet custom kitchen, state-of-the-art Media Room, a master bedroom retreat, infinity pool with spa, and the highest quality construction and finishes. Listing price has been reduced to $3.95 million. This is Maui's best luxury home value.
Then, there is the latest collection of house/lot packages at "Mokka Point at Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms." Each lot has a 1 acre dwelling site and includes a custom home (max. size 3,000 sq. ft.). You may also build a 1000 sq ft cottage. Lot 11 is the first home to be offered at Mokka Point - a 3 bedroom 3 ½ bath estate nestled on a picturesque 6+ acre coffee orchard - priced at $1.96 million.  A gourmet kitchen, spacious lanais, top-of-the-line appliances and quality finishes throughout are just some of the features of this beautiful residence. Only six of the KCF lots are available at this amazing price point. Call now to secure your opportunity.
There is no better time to buy at Ka‘anaapali Coffee Farms.  For more information, call (808) 662-0000, stop by our Information Center located behind the Sugar Cane Train station on Pu‘ukoli‘i Road, or visit www.KaanapaliCoffeeFarms.com.  Our model home is available for showings, by appointment only.



Enjoy a self-tour of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms, a "true" agricultural community.

West Maui's Hidden Gem: Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms
Lahaina News, April 15, 2010

It always makes me smile when people visit the master planned community of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms for the first time. It's as if they just uncovered a rare gem - dazzling and breathtaking under a warm tropical sky. They are excited to see more, to learn more about this undiscovered upcountry oasis, to immerse themselves in the area's rich agricultural roots, and to imagine what it would be like to live in this spectacular community.

I understand their genuine excitement completely. When we talk about getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, I think of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms. When we talk about avoiding the traffic and congestion that often times plagues West Maui, I think of Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms.

Here on 300 idyllic acres lies a true agricultural community far enough removed from urban life, yet close enough to enjoy the white sand beaches and world-class amenities of Ka‘anapali Beach Resort. Even the short 1 ½ mile drive up from the highway to Ka‘anapali Coffee Farm's entry is nothing short of breathtaking with iridescent colors sparkling off the slopes of the West Maui Mountains and makai and mauka views that seem to go on forever. Spacious 4-7 acre estate lots offer ample room for families to grow and build their dream home. Rows of coffee plants laden with ripened cherries or white flowers (depending on the coffee season) add splashes of color to the rich greenscape - as if Napa, Upcountry and Hana were rolled into one minus the travel time. Life moves at a slower rhythm where one can rejuvenate and relax. The air feels cooler, the rainbows and sunsets more glorious…gosh, even the birds sing louder here. Well, the latter might be a slight exaggeration, but you get my point. Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms is a one-of-kind real estate gem.

But don't take my word for it. Come see Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms for yourself! Take a free map at the project's entry and enjoy a self-tour of this world-class property and learn more about the area's rich agricultural heritage.

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