Your Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms’ Lifestyle

Serenity, peace, relaxation... not the effect that coffee has on most people. But this is an experience most people will never have - the chance to live in unhurried indulgence on your own coffee farm in Hawai‘i.


An innovative vision for land use in Hawai‘i.

What ties the generations to a family farm? What draws urbanites, nature lovers and free spirits to experience farm life for the first time? Once you've known the beauty and serenity of a life lived close to the land, you'll see why ownership at Kā‘anapali Coffee Farms is an extraordinary proposition.

Years of community outreach by landowner Kaanapali Land Management. and its affiliates inspired the crafting of a unique concept that brings coffee growers together with coffee lovers. Master growers who have worked the land for decades contract with the Farm Lot Owners Association to farm the property. These growers entirely manage the coffee farming operations, from the planting through the harvesting. For the Lot Owner, it's a delightful way to experience both the soul of farming and the science of coffee cultivation at one's leisure, without the distractions of daily farm management.

How the concept works

On your Farm Lot, a "Farm Dwelling Site" of roughly one acre will be set aside for your exclusive use. You may build a main house, cottage and also a workshop or artist's studio. The community's Design Guidelines will ensure that all construction supports the agricultural land use and will help keep the neighborhood architecture appropriate and pleasing.

Most of the acreage beyond the Dwelling Sites will be planted in coffee trees. Kaanapali Farm Services, Inc. tends the crop and MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. processes and markets it under contracts with the community's Association.

  1. On your secluded acre, build a spacious island-style farm house, and still have plenty of room for gardens, swing sets and impromptu soccer games.
  2. Design the workshop you've always wanted, then get busy on that clubhouse you've been promising your kids.
  3. Ka‘anapali's mild climate calls for outdoor living on wrap-around lanais with deep eaves.
  4. Privacy and views were key factors in positioning each one-acre homesite. Gorgeous mauka and makai views rise above the acres of coffee trees surrounding your lot.